No-hassle small business email

Let us setup your domain and email accounts. We handle all administration and support for you so you can focus on your business.


Easy email hosting

We can set you up in minutes with one or a hundred custom email addresses for your domain name.

Industry-leading Google Workspace

We exclusively use the most affordable, powerful, and safest small business email hosting in the market today from the top IT company in the world: Google. Easy and fast setup too.

More integrated services

By using Google Workspaces for your email accounts you also get included access to enterprise caalendars, network storage for files, web meetings and more. 

Convenient support & admin

We handle all the setup, maintenance, and administration for you so you don't waste your time setting up email accounts and tracking down issues. Fulll support for your convenience. 

All you need - and more

Google Workspace email and services gives your small business a performance edge.

The most trusted small business email

Safe, secure, and powerful email hosting

Save money over other email providers

Extend with dozens of free app plugins too

Get email. Get rid of the headaches. Let us set you up today.

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Email accounts start at $6 per email address plus a low $25 monthly fee for us to handle all your  business support needs. 

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